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Women's Contact-Day 2013

Women's Contact-Day 2015

16. November 2015, StageOne, Zürich-Oerlikon

Am Women's Contact-Day lernen Studentinnen und Absolventinnen von Fachhochschulen und universitären Hochschulen fortschrittliche Arbeitgeber für Frauen kennen. Du erhältst einen exklusiven Einblick in deine Karrieremöglichkeiten und kannst in einer lockeren Atmosphäre mit UnternehmensvertreterInnen von Top-Arbeitgebern erste Kontakte knüpfen.

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UnternehmensvertreterInnen erzählen von ihren Erfahrungen!

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Attraktive Arbeitgeber für Frauen: Philip Morris International









Raquel Blanc Gutiérrez
VP Diversity & Inclusion, Philip Morris International Management SA


At Philip Morris International (PMI), we believe that a truly diverse workforce fosters innovation, empowers individual capabilities and improves the quality of our decisions. Women represent half of the world's population, 60 % of global graduates and are estimated to make 80 % of consumer purchasing decisions. Therefore, a gender balanced workforce is essential to remain competitive whilst accurately reflecting the demographics of our markets, customers and stakeholders.

We believe that there is no ONE big solution which fits all the diverse needs but rather a variety of small initiatives which together will provide an adequate platform to support women's careers more effectively. Consequently, at PMI we are taking a range of initiatives focusing on cultural change, talent management and infrastructure (e.g. balanced shortlists, mentoring programs, progressive flexible work arrangements and childcare facilities).

Get a good education, stay eager to learn and be intellectually curious, believe in yourself, identify what you enjoy doing and build your career around it.

Teilnehmer Women's Contact-Day 2014