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Our Services – Your Benefits


Before the fair:

We will advertise your presence to the target group

Marketing your enterprise to students of various universities:
› We select the target group based on advertiser's needs
› We generate more than 900'000 touchpoints (campus campaigns, newsletters, online, print, events & placement fairs, social media)

Professional handling of visitor registrations

Proactive preparation of interested visitors:
› Videos, FAQs, welcome newsletters, etc.

Competent consulting for your presence

During the fair:

We will help you interact with the target group

Targeted university-matching:
› We will create a matrix of all master programs according to desired qualification, areas and regions
› We will offer personal on-site consultation for visitors

Exciting background programme:
› Presentations (university, master programs, career management)
› Coaching (CV & career check, application photos, job interviews etc.)

Fair organisation:
› Professional event management

After the fair:

We will give you a structured base to reflect on your presence

Newsletter to all visitors:
› Including links to exhibitors' websites

Feedback (visitors?/?exhibitors):
› Including free documentation and feedback forms sent to all participating visitors and exhibitors

› Including feedback meeting with working group (retrospective?/?outlook)




Participants at the Master-Messe 2016 (Exhibitors / Visitors)


In the past few years, more than 1'500 students and professionals visited the Master-Messe (Master-Messe 2016: 941 students, 668 professionals).

For visitors with a background in Engineering and Natural Sciences, a special program will be organised.

The Master-Messe targets:

› Bachelor students
› professionals
› HR managers, education specialists, educational counselors as well as
advisers for study and career









Comments on the Master-Messe



«We had a lot of interesting conversations with potential students.»


«The master fair is an important platform for us in order to ensure a direct exchange with out target group.»






Master-Messe 2016






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› The application is in the concept on page 10/1
› Applications will be considered in the order received («first come, first served»)
› If you register by 14 July 2017 we are able to guarantee you a presence in all print marketing instruments.

Concept & Registration